• Mission&Value

    Nothing can add more power to your life than concentrating all your energies on a limited set of targets. The same rule applies to business. Sharicca starts at a small pace by doing one thing at a time and strives no effort to do it well. We spent years focusing on specific categories of women’s ...
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  • How Does Period Underwear Work?

    Sanitary products shares a dominant market since hippies years ago before period underwear stands out and shake the market for those who are looking for a sustainable way of living. And the revolutionary is not merely a temporary hype; the rise of awareness and innovation of reusable products tha...
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  • Period Facts You Probably Didn’T Know

    Period Facts You Probably Didn’T Know

    Think you already know everything of period? There must have something that slip through your radar. Check this period facts list, it will make you feel wiser and make your next period less suffering. Part 1. Top 3 Controversial Period Facts Part 2. Top 3 Fun Period Facts Part 3. Top 5 Weird Peri...
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